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Handicap Swing Door
Operating Controls
Residential Patio Sliding Door

For busy employees, to assist disabled individuals, or for anyone who finds a closed door a problem...

Power Access door openers can make coming and going easier.

Model 4300

      Top View
Typical Installation, Top View
  Steel frame, Rugged construction, Solid state electronics
  Unique design makes installation simple and easy.  Virtually maintenance free (a couple of drops of oil and a bit of grease every year is all that it takes).



Plugs right in

  No modification of the door or jambs
  Plugs right into a regular 115 vac wall outlet
  Limitless application possibilities
  Left and right hand units available
  Jamb mount to push door open or door mount to pull door open
  Fits in most interior and some exterior door applications


Right Hand Jamb Mount

Left Hand Jamb Mount

Right Hand Jamb Mount

Left Hand Door Mount

Built in Safety Features

  The operator arm is not attached to the door.  Instead, a wheel at the end of the operator arm rolls against the face of the door, pushing the door open.  
The door can always be opened manually from either side without involving the operator. 
Traffic flow is not hindered by the operator.
The Power Access opener is always used in conjunction with a conventional manual door closer, either surface-mounted or concealed.
Built-in load sensing circuit automatically stops the operator arm and returns to the at-rest (closed) position, if the door meets an obstruction during the opening cycle.
Thermally protected drive motor
  Adjustable door hold-open time.

For more information go to :   http://www.power-access.com/




Price each

Automatic Door Opener - Jamb Mount (specify hand) 4000 $1000.00
Automatic Door Opener - Door Mount (specify hand)  4002 $1050.00

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Operating Controls

#4480 HD Push Plate Wall Switch

Push Plate Wall Switch

 5" square push plate on waterproof box, heavy duty Model 4448.
  With 12 feet of 2 lead wire, which does need to be wired to operator.
  Available in surface mount wall box only.


#4466S or #4466F Push Button Wall Switch  

Push Button Wall Switch

  Heavy duty switch
  With 12 feet of 2 lead wire.
  Wireless control can be used inside. 
  Must have receiver #4470 @ $80.00
  Surface mount wall box or flush mount. 


#4444S or #4444F Touch Plate Wall Switches  

Touch Plate Wall Switch

  No pressure necessary - senses the capacitance of a hand when touched.
  Stainless steel touch plate combines appearance and low maintenance.
  Low profile reduces vandalism
  No moving parts - explosion proof
  Includes 12 feet of 3 conductor low voltage wire
  Available with or without handicap emblem
  Available in surface mount switch (Model 4444S) or flush mount (Model 4444F)


#4472 Coded Radio Transmitter 2each/Receiver 1each 

Radio Transmitter

  Automatic door operation for specified individuals
  1,024 possible codes eliminates signal duplication and frequency overlap
  2 Transmitters and a receiver to actuate door opening cycle, the receiver is mounted inside the operator
  Special transmitters with raised buttons are available


#4438S Keyless Entry Systems  

Keyless Entry

  Provide access for specified individuals
  Available as wireless or wired type switches
  Coded wireless signal


#PHS5000 Electric Door Lock (Strike)  

  Permits door to be secured when closed, but releases automatically when opener receives signal
  Models for metal or wooden jambs
  Silent operation

Electric Door Lock (strike)




Price each

 HD Push Plate Wall Switch 4480 $145.00
 Push Button Wall Switch - Surface or Flush Mount  4466S or 4466F $135.00
Touch Plate Wall Switch - Surface or Flush Mount 4444S or 4444F $134.00
Coded Radio Transmitter (2) and Receiver (1) 4472 $150.00
Keyless Entry System 4438 S $112.00
Electric Door Lock (strike) PHS 5000 $180.00

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